Korea Microlensing Telescope Network    


  • Telescope
  • – Primary mirror of 1.6 m in diameter
    – Prime-focus optics with four wide-field correct lens
    – Fork-type equatorial mount
    – Delivered image quality of less than 1.0 arcsec
      (Under the atmospheric seeing of 0.75 arcsec)
    – Optical performance optimized in the I-band
    – Drawer-style filter changer to mount four filters
      (Johnson-Cousins BVRI)
    – Sliding shutter with rectangular blades
    – Dome of 9.2 m in diameter from ASH-DOME
  • Detector
  • – Mosaicked with four 9k by 9k e2v CCDs
    – 0.40 arcsec per pixel, 2.0 by 2.0 square degree FOV
    – Quantum efficiency of ~85% in V and ~80% in I-band
    – Readout time of 30 seconds with 32 readout channels
      (Overhead time to take one image is about 90 seconds)
    – CCD chip cooled down to -110 degree Celsius
    – Four frame-transfer CCDs at focal plane for guiding
  • Wide-field Photometric Systems
  • TelescopeCameraFOVSiteTarget
    PanSTARRS 1.8m × 41400M pixel CCD7.0 deg2Haleakala, USAAll sky survey
    MOA 1.8m80M pixel CCD2.4 deg2Mt. John, New ZealandGalactic Bulge
    KMTNet 1.6m × 3340M pixel CCD4.0 deg2CTIO - SAAO - SSOGalactic Bulge
    SkyMapper 1.35m268M pixel CCD5.7 deg2SSO, AustraliaAll sky survey
    OGLE-Ⅳ 1.3m268M pixel CCD1.4 deg2LCO, ChileGalactic Bulge

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