Korea Microlensing Telescope Network    

Crosstalk Correction of KMTNet CCD Images

2015-09-04 / PM 01:09:15

The KMTNet operation team has developed two C language programs to correct the crosstalk effect of KMTNet 18k Mosaic CCD images. The kmtnet_xtcoef.c is for determining the crosstalk coefficients and the kmtnet_xtcorr.c is for correcting the CCD image by using the coefficients.
Sample images at the bottom show before and after the correction.

% cc kmtnet_xtcoef.c -lm -o kmtnet_xtcoef
% cc kmtnet_xtcorr.c -lm -o kmtnet_xtcorr
% ./kmtnet_xtcoef KMTNet_18K_CCD_Image_Name
% ./kmtnet_xtcorr KMTNet_18K_CCD_Image_Name