Korea Microlensing Telescope Network    


Observing Statistics of Three Sites

Observing Statistics The observing statistics of the year 2019 are listed at the following tables. It includes the observation report, daily averaged seeing, and weather condition at each site.   2018 Statistics Observation Report      Daily Averaged Seeing      Weather… More+

Observation Schedule of Three KMTNet Sites

Observation Schedule The KMTNet officially started the observation run from October 2015. It should be noted that the following observation schedule uses the UT (Universal Time), not local time at each host site. If a researcher awarded an observation time… More+

Official Opening Ceremony

The official opening ceremony of KMTNet was held at KASI on October 2, 2015.More+

Crosstalk Correction of KMTNet CCD Images

The KMTNet operation team has developed two C language programs to correct the crosstalk effect of KMTNet 18k Mosaic CCD images. The kmtnet_xtcoef.c is for determining the crosstalk coefficients and the kmtnet_xtcorr.c is for correcting the CCD image by using… More+

Astrometric Calibration for KMTNet data

Due to the wide-field of view of the KMTNet, the Mosaic CCD image shows a field distortion of about 4%. As expected from the optical design, the distortion effect greatly increases at four rectangular corners of Mosaic CCDs. Although some… More+

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