Korea Microlensing Telescope Network    


Follow-up observations of GW170817

Three KMTNet 1.6-m telescopes performed follow-up observations of the optical counterpart of the gravitational wave transient GW170817. This transient was discovered by Advanced LIGO and Virgo collaboration on 17 August 2017 at 12:41 UT and turned out to be originated… More+

Discovery of a new Earth-mass planet

A new planet with the mass of Earth has been discovered from combining the observation data by our ground-based KMTNet and NASA’s Spitzer space telescope. The new planet, called OGLE-2016-BLG-1195Lb, has 1.43 times the Earth-mass and orbits around its host… More+

Recoating of KMTNet-SSO telescope mirror

Our 1.6m telescope mirror installed at the KMTNet-SSO site has been successfully recoated on February 2017, by using an aluminum coating chamber (Top photo) of the UK Schmidt telescope. Reflectivity of the mirror surface increased again up to ~88%. After… More+

Publication of The First Observation Paper

The first paper based on the KMTNet observation data was published in the Astrophysical Journal on December 1, 2015 (Shvartzvald, et al. ApJ, 814, 111). The Galactic bulge monitoring data were obtained at three KMTNet sites during the test run… More+

Installation of Three Mosaic CCD Cameras

The KMTNet 18k Mosaic CCD cameras have been installed firstly at CTIO in Chile on September 2014, secondly at SAAO in South Africa on December 2014, and finally at SSO in Australia on May 2015. A sample image of the… More+


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