Korea Microlensing Telescope Network (KMTNet)

  We have formulated the following policies for KMTNet data for 2015.

  1) All 2015 KMTNet data remain proprietary until the acceptance for publication of this paper and all papers based on 2015 KMTNet data that are explicitly mentioned in Section 4.1 of this paper.

  2) Beginning immediately (i.e., before the end of the proprietary period), all light curves that are posted together with this paper can be used by anyone to prepare future papers for publication. However, during the proprietary period (see (1)), they cannot be submitted for publication, nor posted on arXiv.

  3) Once the priority period ends (see (1)), papers can be submitted based on the released data. We welcome collaboration with the KMTNet team, but do not require it as a condition for publication. For the cases that we collaborate, the KMTNet team does not demand any “editorial control”, but rather simply reserves the right to withdraw from papers with which we disagree strongly enough to warrant such withdrawal.

  4) If additional data processing is needed, we will either provide re-reduced light curves in exchange for co-authorship or we will provide flat-fielded “stamps” surrounding the event, provided that sufficient evidence is given to us that there is substantive progress toward publication of a paper.

  5) No data will be given out for events discovered by other teams but not independently discovered by KMTNet using the algorithm presented here, unless there is explicit agreement with those teams.

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Microlensing Events

   2016 (K2C9 KMT events)
   2016 (K2C9 non-KMT events)

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